Eating Healthy and Saving Money

It’s completely possible to shop healthy and not spend all your money.

First step is to make a list of everything you need, make sure to check your house. Just remember, you’re only listing what you need here.


Then you make another list of your wants.

Generally my wants are snack foods, dog toys, etc. I don’t know if you’ve ever had them, but baked snap peas are delicious but relatively expensive.

The next step is to find the closest vegetable stand or farmers market, and go there for your veggies and fruit it almost always is way less expensive than the grocery store. If you want some canned foods or other things, head to your Grocery Outlet store. I know, it’s a strange feeling going to a used-goods store but, I promise, it’s safe.

You can save a ton of money by trying to find everything else you need at stores like this – but beware, often their products in store change because they are stocked by overfill of other stores or damaged packages like dented cans and the like.

After that, asses the damage to your wallet. Make sure you go in mind with a certain amount of money you’re willing to spend. If you have any left over then treat yourself. 🙂

It can be a pain and time consuming, for sure, grocery shopping in a couple different places so make sure you have a free afternoon when you go. And enjoy it! Spend time browsing! Or bring a friend to make the task a little more fun.


I personally shop at a farm stand, and often times I don’t make it to the Grocery Outlet store because it literally is across town whereas Wal-Mart is across the parking lot. So I tend to get lazy about it, and it affects the amount I spend because Wal-Mart while cheaper is still not as cheap as the Grocery Outlet. Plus, I don’t actually like Wal-Mart very much.

Then there are products that you need to go to a Grocery Store for – I try to get these products from Trader Joe’s when I can, but Trader Joe’s isn’t close to my house at all. So I go to Safeway, but they are expensive and I don’t like spending a lot of money there because I feel like I don’t get very much in return.

So good luck, what are some of your tricks for saving money?

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3 Responses to Eating Healthy and Saving Money

  1. brittanyel says:

    I use the safeway just for you coupons, for the past three months they have given me 3 dollars off every 10 spent in the produce section, which has been awesome.During the summer I went to the farm stand which is usually the better price point. Also there is a farm in monte that has a small farm stand of their own and also offers u pick berries during the end of the season, which in addition to being a fun outing is about a dollar cheaper per pound that even jays farm stand in town.

    • tessarr says:

      Berries are always expensive – so if the stand in Monte is cheaper than Jay’s that’s awesome. =) How do you get those coupons? I only ever get the random one’s printed at the checkout.

  2. brittanyel says:

    If you have the safeway card you can log into their just for you section at, they have regular manufacturing coupons and then after awhile of seeing how you shop with your card they start giving you coupons in the personalized section based on what you buy. Since I buy alot of produce they have been giving me that one often. Also individual ones, like 30 cents off per pound on bananas, 1.00 off on two boxes of strawberries, stuff like that. I love love love the safeway discounts.

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