Online Workouts

So I spend a lot of time at home, and don’t have much time – or money – to travel to the gym as often as I would like.

So I’m going to share with you some of the different online work outs there are. And there are a lot! So no excuse – you can do these at any point in time during the day – when you get up, inbetween laundry loads( 🙂 haha) , or when you get home from work/school.

First one :
Amanda Russell on Youtube. Pretty much all of her workouts can be done at home, and they include a decent variety. Though, sometimes her size freaks me out – she’s tiny!Amanda-Russell

The Daily HIIT for their youtube page, or their website Body Rock. This is a totally free website, and they provide you tons and tons of workouts to do and workout challenges. These are also at-home workouts, but many of them require some kind of equipment like weights.I do warn you though, they don’t appear to believe in a lot of clothes which sometimes bothers me, but the workouts will kick your butt. timthumbCAKM1FAU

Be Fit is a good workout series, and also can be done at the gym if you want, or of course at home.


Now, that’s only three of them. There are a lot, and Youtube houses most of them. There are ones that are just yoga, or pilates, or cardio, or pretty much whatever you want. =) So get out there!

What is your favorite workout routine?

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