2013 Plans?

Lunch:Rosemary and Garlic Pork, with some satueed corn with butter. Also, a little veggie salad with hummus dressing.


Turned out pretty good, a trick I’ve learned with cooking pork is the slower you cook it the softer it will be. Pork has a bad habit of being a chewy. I generally cook mine on about 3.5 on the stove, it takes longer with the pork is a little easier to both eat and cut up. The corn was just out of a can, but I like the sautee my canned veggies. So I put in a little – emphasis on little – bit of butter, some garlic salt & lemon pepper until it started to brown a little and pulled it off. Delicious!


I’ve also noticed I’m better with my portions if I use the appetizer plates instead of the dinner plates. I always put more on my plate than I need – hence why I get full every time instead of just satisfied.


I was thinking I need something to plan for this year. Not sure what, I’m thinking maybe I will pick up running again. I went through a period of being very frustrated with running – either because of boredom or injury. I’m starting to get back my motivation for it, so I think I might pick it up again and maybe pick a race a few months down the road to try.

It would be cool if I could do the Columbia Crossing 10k again in Astoria. My last run there left much to be desired since I had stopped running 2 weeks before the race due to runners knee from using the wrong kind of shoes for 2 months. (Trust me, those minimalist shoes aren’t for everyone) So when I ran I hadn’t been running for a while, and even before that my longest run had only been 5 miles and I couldn’t do it without stopping. So I was unprepared for the race and I could really feel it in my joints afterwards – my knees and hips and ankles were not happy with me. I finished well though, it took me about 70 minutes to do.

Maybe  try for this? : Amica Seattle Half-Marathon

It’s on December 1st, so 11 months away. I’ve never ran more than 3 miles without stopping, and never more then 6.2 miles at one time. Eek! I’ve always wanted to run a half-marathon at least once in my life, but…I mean, 11 months? Doesn’t seem long enough to me.

Gotta finish like this girl!


So this year, I think my plan – or hope! – is to start running again. Do you have any? Exercise or otherwise?

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