Lucy is an interesting story.

My boyfriend’s mom called us one day and told us she found a puppy on the side of the road. We had already talked about getting another dog in the future for Brody – who was hit by a car a little over a year ago and passed on. This was sooner than I wanted to get a new dog, but we decided if we couldn’t find her owners we would keep her.

085(Brody and Lucy)

She can’t have been more than 7 weeks old, and we couldn’t imagine how a tiny little thing her could get out on a rural road. She was terrified of being picked up, was skin and bones, and covered in fleas. The likeliness of someone posting a missing puppy poster seemed dim based on the condition she was in. And no one did.

We named her Lucy Diamond after the Beatles song. It took us probably a week to come to an agreement on a name for her, and it changed several times.

091(she was sooooo skinny)

We discovered a few times about her as she grew. She’s a dominant dog to a fault. She’s thinks she’s the boss of every dog she meets – especially other female dogs. We’ve had a few problems with her getting in fights with our friends dogs, and we aren’t sure how to go about helping her with this problem. She seems to get along with male dogs pretty well as long as they are bigger than she is. This is pretty much her only fault.


She’s a great house dog. She’s wonderful with people and good with kids once she gets to know them. She doesn’t really chew things up, she’s gentle with playing and taking treats. She’s a bit stubborn with her listening skills sometimes, but she’s very sweet at home and loves a good cuddle.


I can tell you that she’s horrible on a leash though if she sees something interesting, or wants to pee on a tree, or wants to smell something or pretty much anything. I’ve tried taking her running with me on the beach a few times with Ruger, and all she’s done is gotten so excited about seeing dogs that she got sooo tangles up in the leash that I had to stop and try to untangle her while she was still freaking out in front of a bunch of people who had stopped to stare. That was the very last time I took her running.


She also doesn’t seem to care about things like bacon very much. She’ll take it from you after smelling it suspiciously for a moment, and then promptly drop it on the floor to smell it some more. Eventually she eats it, but it’s with paranoia. She is the strangest dog, but we love her to bits. The vet thinks she’s a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix, and we are inclined to agree with him. We personally think she’s a Chessie/Lab mix because of her fur. Chessie’s have thick coarse fur, so that water runs off them instead of making them wet. Well, she has the really thick fur, but it’s super soft like a lab.



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