We got Ruger from a shelter in Shelton, Washington. He is my first adopted dog, and he’s great. This picture above was the same day we brought him home, he was around 8months old they thought. A Shepherd mix of some sort, but whatever he’s mixed with must be leaner, smaller, and less furry than a German Shepherd because he’s not very big and he only has one coat of fur.


He has TONS of energy – it’s endless. I’m pretty sure he must had ADHD. He’s excitable about everything pretty much. He LOVES stuffed animals, every time I pull one out of the bag when I get home from the store, he immediately thinks it’s his.


He’s a good dog – but he digs holes in the yard, and destroys the house when we leave them inside when the weather is bad. I mean literally – we left them in the house for an hour before and the kitchen garbage was strewn across the house and the garbage can itself was clear across the house, there was stuffing everywhere, he destroyed a pair of my shoes, ripped the sham off my bed, chewed up an bottle of iced tea ON the bed, peed on the floor and pooped in the shower. Now, none of these things happen when we are home. I think he invited a few of his friends over and had a rager. So, we got him a kennel and a dino bone.


We’ve had NO problems since then, and he doesn’t mind the crate at all.

He’s also the BEST running partner I’ve ever had. He doesn’t pull, he’s not too distracted by other dogs to the point where I have to stop. His only problem is he likes to run right next to you and trip you on accident, but after a few runs he learns. He also has boundless energy and can outrun me no matter what. He only panted when it was hot outside, of course though the longest run we went on was 4 miles and it was off/on running in rain.


He’s great with everyone – kids, dogs, cats, people. He’s a jumper though, but he’s a soft jumper – he doesn’t really put his weight on you. He’s gotten a lot better though since we got him. He loves toys and treats as well.


We are very happy that we rescued him, and I don’t know why anyone would give him up but we are glad they did because now he can be a part of our family.




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