Sparky is probably the best cat in the world. He’s the most tolerant cat I’ve ever encountered. Most cats don’t like me very much because I demand loves and cuddles from them more often they want to give it.


I’m not sure how old he is, probably around 4ish. My boyfriend and his roommate had him before I started dating him. Sparky was originally my boyfriend’s sister’s cat, but they were moving into a smaller space to get ready to build a house(I think anyway) and needed to a place for Sparky to stay and he ended up staying so long that he became our cat.


Sparky is also the only cat I’ve ever seen that chases his tail. It is so funny to watch a cat chase their tail! They do acrobats, it’s pretty awesome.


He’s done really well adjusting to having dogs around. At first he was definitely pissed about it, but eventually he realized that he still rules the house and he teases the dogs sometimes I think since he can pretty much go where ever he wants in the house and the dogs can’t.


He’s definitely a great house cat – good with kids, doesn’t use his claws when he plays either. Though he did pee on my bed a couple weeks ago, and I tell you cat pee smell is almost impossible to get out. I refuse to get rid of my bed though, I just bought it for 1300. So I’m still trying to get the smell out…that little stinker.



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