Healthy Spaghetti and Salad


So I mixed up a quick – and totally unplanned – spaghetti. I used this garlic basil linguine I bought at Trader Joe’s that I couldn’t wait to try. So, I just grabbed what I had to make the spaghetti and started it up.


I see tahini sauce/paste in a lot of recipes for spaghetti sauce, but I couldn’t find it in any stores but Trader Joe’s had it!

So basically all I did was threw it all in a pan and cooked it down, added in some spinach on a whim and wah-lah! It was delicious.


I also had some edamame from, once again, Trader Joe’s that I just satueed up with a tiny bit of butter, garlic salt, and lemon pepper. I love edamame! And last but not least, I had a simple salad from romaine, iceberg, and spinach some carrots and tomatoes and a hummus salad dressing.


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