Currently, as for workout options, I have these things:

  • Outdoor running
  • I live literally right next to the beach, it’s maybe a 10 minute ish walk from my house. So on nice days, it’s a good place to take one or both of the dogs for a walk.
  • Free Gym – yes, I know what you’re all thinking. WHY the hell don’t I go ALL the time! EVERY day! Well. I have no excuse. Mostly it’s because it’s about 30 seconds from where I work, which normally would be GREAT but I work a night shift and so when I get off at 1am, no gym to go to, and I don’t feel comfortable using their showers so I don’t go beforehand. This gym is on the Reservation where I grew up, and is free to everyone, which is a great deal for the community I think.
  • Workout Videos
  • College Gym – also free, but only open certain hours of the day. If there is a class you are not allowed to use it, and pretty consistently the times I can go to the gym there it’s not open for students. Figures. Plus, I’m not really a fan of their equipment.
  • YMCA – This is about 25-30 minutes from my house, in the same town as my community college. Unfortunately my favorite thing about gyms are the group classes and this YMCA really concentrated their classes Mon-Thur and don’t have much of an option for the weekend or Friday. Also unfortunately, my work schedule has me on nights Mon-Wed and only getting a good group class once a week isn’t worth the price. And most of the time my school classes don’t correspond with their schedule and I’m not into driving back into town and wasting gas.
  • Bike Trails – There is a great, paved bike trail about 10 minutes from my house which is great in the summer. Also, it’s not too much of a drive to Astoria which has even longer beach bike trails.

That’s mostly all I can think of to be honest. I feel as though there are a lot of excuses with some of them as to why I don’t utilize them as often as I should. But, most of the reason for that is that trying to use them makes my life more difficult and I don’t think exercise should create stress at all. So I try to do the things that I find easy to use, and fits with my current work/school schedule. Mostly this includes at-home exercises or outdoor running. I’m going to try to use the gym on the reservation more on my days off, and even -hopefully – on my one morning shift on Sundays.

My problem is gas – my car does not get good gas mileage(between 20-24mpg) and when I’m going to school I spend around 80 dollars a month on just gas. It gets expensive, and if I went to the gym on my days off too I’d spend probably around 100 a month.

And as for workout videos I have these:

Les Mills Pump by Beach Body

les mills pump

Turbo Fire by Beach Body


P90X by Beach Body


Pilates – Denise Austin


30 Day Shred – Jillian Michaels



Killer Buns and Thighs – Jillian Michaels


I’m going to try and list the types of workouts I’ve learned, or put in reviews I have of certain kinds of group classes that I’ve taken. If you have any workout video suggestions, I’m open to all of them! =)

If you’re interested in it, here is my workout/exercise board in Pinterest. I pin any exercise or workout that I think looks interesting.



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