Review – Les Mills Pump

les mills pump

When I ordered this I was desperate for something that included weights. This provided it for me.

I really enjoy Les Mills, and if you take the time to really do it properly it works very well for toning you up – especially your butt!

The first time I did their DVD I could barely walk down the stairs my legs were so jello-y. Personally, I feel extremely accomplished if I have a hard time doing something as simple as walking down – or up! – stairs after a workout. After not working out for probably two months, I did their DVD on a whim one night. I was already sore before the DVD was over. If you use the weights right, you’ll get a burn every time – and at the same time burn fat and gain lean muscle because the whole point of this DVD is that it uses more movement and reps with a smaller amount of weight.


There is a saying that if you want to tone up, you do less weight and more reps and if you want to build muscle you do more weight and less reps.

Les Mills does less weight and more reps. You can keep adding weight if you want to, or you can reach a comfortable place and keep up with the workouts to stay where you are. I really like that this DVD set provides you the option.


Also, the set comes with the weights. The only problem I found was that it doesn’t come with the lightest weights, it comes with 2 5lb and 2 10lb weights for the bar. I can tell you right now that 10lbs total for the bar when you’re just beginning can feel like it’s too much when you do the arm and chest section. Even after I was bumping up my weights for legs and back, I still was struggling with the bar for my arms. Either I have terrible upper body strength – which is probably true – or I really started too high with weights. Problem was, the bar by itself didn’t give me a good workout at all.

So I would – and still haven’t – need to order the 2.5 lb weights that go with the set or buy some a store that fit the bar.

Over all though, I find this workout DVD versatile in that the reps are generally quick enough to get your cardio but you’re also weight lifting basically so it’s a good all-around video to use.


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