Review – Turbofire


Oh, Turbofire. This is intense if you make it that way. I really like these videos, but it’s very easy to…take them easier then I think they are intended. This is pretty much purely cardio.

Also, I feel as though these are focused mainly on women. Not necessarily that it’s advertised that way, but the type of workout it is I feel as though would be embarrassing for a man to do even in his own home haha! Though my boyfriend did do one video with me, but he became bored very quickly as he’s not a fan of just working out to work out. He wants to do sports and activities instead.


It is a very fun workout though. I found one problem with it is that when you first start doing them,  you’re ridiculously confused. Chalene doesn’t really explain very much about the moves, and acts very much like you already know them so it takes going through them a couple times before you can really put a good workout in. I think that’s really the only problem I found with these DVD’s. Although, not knowing what the hell is going on will keep you from getting bored with the DVD’s for a while.


Chalene herself is very peppy and excited about working out, and talks consistently through-out them which can take away from your boredom until you’ve done them too many times. I’ve gotten a good work-out every time, and sometimes I find it hilarious to watch the people doing the DVD’s with her – some of them have crazy work-out faces!

So I give a thumbs-up to this DVD set if you’re wanting cardio – but it is not versatile. You can buy extra things like weighted boxing gloves, but really when it comes down to it this is just a cardio workout which really helps burn fat. To really get toned you’ll need extra workouts that include weights somehow.


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