I set myself a basic schedule to try and follow each week. Maybe not to a tee, but as closely as possible.

  1. Monday – Run, elliptical, Leg workout
  2. Tuesday – At Home workout 30min-1hr
  3. Wednesday – Run, elliptical, arm workout
  4. Thursday – At home work out, 30-1hr
  5. Friday – Long run, elliptical, core workout
  6. Saturday – OFF
  7. Sunday – Run, Elliptical, and stretch workouts(yoga, pilates, etc)

This is what works for me.

For the runs, this will change weekly depending. I’m hoping to get to the point where 5 mile runs aren’t out of the ordinary by August, since there is a local 5-miler that I want to participate in.

For the elliptical, it’s good for cardio and endurance without putting pressure on your joints, and going(walking?) backwards on an elliptical is easier than a treadmill and doing this helps stretch out your legs and strengthen your hips.

My at home workouts will generally be done with my workout videos that are listed here. They will probably change depending on what I think I need to work on.


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